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Our Research — Increasing Understanding of Issues of Importance to New Hampshire

Center staff pursued research on a broad range of policy topics, and strove to identify new issues of importance to New Hampshire. The core of the Center's work was a handful of topics critical to the state's future: the state budget, health care, education, jobs and the economy, New Hampshire demographic trends, local government and corrections.

Research Areas

  • NH Economy

    The Center’s research on New Hampshire’s job and economic conditions includes our projections done in conjunction with New England Economic Partnership, which has tracked economic trends in New England for more than 30 years. We aim to increase public awareness about New Hampshire’s economy and the ways in which broader economic trends affect the state’s public policy landscape.

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  • What is NH?

    There are many ways to describe and understand New Hampshire. By living and working here, we come to understand the state through direct contact with its people, places, and politics. This package of graphs, tables, and text captures New Hampshire in a different way: through things that can be measured, compared, and tracked over time. The collection is a reference book that the Center updates each year for the associates of Leadership New Hampshire.

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  • Health Care

    The Center has published extensively on the topic of health care finance and policy. In addition to overviews of New Hampshire’s health care system, our research has focused on the state’s Medicaid program, the hospital sector, mental health, substance abuse, cost-shifting and the impact of an aging population.

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  • Education

    The Center has reported extensively on New Hampshire’s efforts to fund and maintain its public schools over the years. We have also published on the quality of public education in New Hampshire and efforts to ensure that public schools are accountable for achieving the goals set by state and local policies.

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  • State Budget

    We continually monitor both the spending and revenue sides of New Hampshire’s state budget. We are interested in making the state budget, as well as the process by which it is developed and adopted, more transparent and understandable to the public, the news media, and participants in the legislative process.

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  • NH Demographics

    We have reported extensively on changes in New Hampshire’s demographics and the impact of those changes on wider state policy. We regularly analyze U.S. Census figures and link them to broader policy questions in the state. Our annual “What is New Hampshire?” report is a wide-ranging compilation of policy trends in the state.

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  • Local Government

    New Hampshire’s state government has a long history of robust local control. And the Center seeks to examine local government issues (including at the city, town, county and school district level) from a statewide perspective. Trends in local finance, property taxes, and the impact of SB2 on town spending are all topics of interest.

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  • Corrections

    Our work on New Hampshire’s corrections system includes research on state prison populations, adult corrections trends, and juvenile justice and corrections. 

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