NH Public Policy
New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies

What is New Hampshire? 2014 Edition

Executive Summary

Date: September 15th, 2014

This report is our annual survey of the major policy issues and critical questions shaping our future. The data explain where New Hampshire has been, forecast where it is heading, and explore how current trends and policy choices facing the state will affect the well-being of its citizens.

New Hampshire is navigating a series of shifting economic, demographic, social and political forces. Among the new trends shaping the state into the 21st Century: an aging population; increasing racial and ethnic diversity; a shift away from the high-growth economic model of the past; and continued demand on the state budget for public services. While the implications of these and other challenges are still unclear, they do raise critical policy questions explored in this report.

As in past years, you can download an Excel file of the various sets of demographic, economic and community-level data in the report by clicking the link in the right-hand column above. There you'll also find a set of charts illustrating that information. In addition, explore our interactive map of the state below, which maps various demographic measures, town by town. Click on any city or town to get detailed demographic data about that community.