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Update on the NH Economy

Executive Summary

Author: Greg Bird

Date: August 30th, 2017

At its core, an economy is the total of all the buying and selling (transactions) that take place between businesses, consumers, the financial system, and the public sector. Standard economic indicators suggest our economy continues to steadily grow at a healthy pace.

Our private sector, which is responsible for nearly 90% of the production and employment in the Granite State, continues to sell more and more goods and services to our residents as well other Americans and foreigners, in fact nearly $3.4 billion worth of additional output from 2015 to 2016 to be precise.

This additional business for our firms has translated into them employing more workers and paying out more wages, $1.3 billion in extra wages to be exact, which has enabled households, overall, to feel confident about their financial situation, as evidenced by survey data from the Business & Industry Association and UNH, and allowed them to unleash that confidence and income into more and more consumer purchases.

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