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Measuring the Health of the Healthcare System: NH's Healthcare Dashboard 2012

Executive Summary

Date: March 17th, 2012

New Hampshire has one of the highest quality Health Care systems of any state in the United States. New Hampshire’s Health Care infrastructure also ranks high compared to the best states. But Health Care in the Granite State is also expensive, and measures of public health and access show opportunities for improvement.

This paper presents an updated Health Care “Dashboard,” a set of indicators measuring the performance of New Hampshire’s Health Care system. The key characteristics measured in this Health Care dashboard are cost, infrastructure, access to services, quality of care and the public’s health. The original Health Care Dashboard was produced in 2007.

The Health Care system in any state is a complicated network of constantly shifting factors; the goal of the Dashboard is to extract and gauge some of those variables in a clear manner. It is a simple and evolving document designed to promote knowledgeable discussion about what characteristics of the Health Care system should be tracked and how we should track them. This third edition includes updated data for several indicators and a completely new measure of technology innovation (electronic prescriptions). It also provides a method for assessing how the measured performance characteristics are changing.