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Evaluating Corrections Reentry Programs

Executive Summary

Date: April 1st, 2010

Evaluating Corrections Reentry Programs - The Hillsborough County Reentry Program

Analysis and evaluation of the Reentry Program was significantly hampered by the fact that a standard data collection process was not utilized. Any future re-entry work should mandate the collection of consistent data across programs and across participants.

As part of this evaluation the Center, in consultation with the Council of State Governments Justice Center, developed a database and data collection instrument for the Reentry Program. The partners believe that this data collection instrument can not only assist in the evaluation of the Reentry Program, but also serve as a resource applicable to evaluate other community corrections and reentry programs. As such, this database approach developed by the Center and the Justice Center should serve as a model for future reentry programs administered by the Department of Corrections and other criminal justice agencies in New Hampshire.

While our analysis allows us to understand some of the characteristics of participants and begin to formulate questions about the factors which contribute to success or failures, a more comprehensive analysis is necessary to understand the true value of the program, and the value of services provided within those programs.

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