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New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies

Crime in New Hampshire, 2011

Executive Summary

Author: Dennis Delay

Date: January 18th, 2012

New Hampshire has not published a comprehensive annual crime statistics report since the one released by the New Hampshire Department of Safety in 1993. The Center is publishing this report to assist policymakers and the public in examining recent trends in criminal activity in New Hampshire.

Analyses of crime trends – and the effectiveness of sentencing, corrections and treatment programs – benefit community, regional and state criminal justice agencies. Strategic planning must often rely on quantitative analysis. Law enforcement programs, such as problem-oriented policing or hot-spot patrolling, require data to guide effective allocation of resources. Measuring progress is difficult without statistics on organizational activities and their impact. Prevention and enforcement must have metrics to perform rigorous evaluations of these programs. Trend analysis of crime data provides vital information to study the effectiveness of every criminal justice program, including sentencing and treatment programs. Crime analysis is critical in developing appropriate criminal justice responses.

The limited availability of meaningful data on crime and criminals in New Hampshire and the lack of systematic analysis of such data hamper both executive branch efforts to address crime and legislative efforts to establish sound public policy. Individuals and organizations often require data or analytical reports and must research multiple organizations and locations. While this task is made somewhat easier by the availability of information via the Internet, an aggregated center for criminal justice statistics would be idea. This report is the first to meet the need of criminal justice professionals, researchers, and policymakers in understanding crime in New Hampshire.

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