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Norton to Step Down as Center Executive Director

After 12 years as executive director of the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy studies, Steve Norton has decided to step down from his job. He’ll be leaving at the end of the month. Norton wants the opportunity to take a pause in his career, reflect on his goals, and balance his professional and family responsibilities.

"This was entirely Steve’s decision," said Center Board Chair Eric Herr. "In the board’s view Steve has done an exceptional job as both the organization’s head and its public face. He is respected by both his board and policy makers throughout New Hampshire," Herr said. 

The Center’s board plans to appoint an interim director and take a more active role as it searches for a new executive director. "The board is fully committed to continuing the Center’s mission," according to Herr. 

Greg Bird continues as the Center’s economist. Board Chair Eric Herr will be the Center’s interim spokesperson on institutional matters.

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About the Center

The New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organization that pursues data-driven research on public policy. Its work includes research on the state budget, public school funding and health care finance.

It's Board of Directors includes Eric Herr, Chair; Dianne Mercier, Vice Chair; Catherine A. Provencher, Treasurer; Michael C. Whitney, Secretary; David J. Alukonis; John Garvey; Katherine M. Hanna; John D. Herney; David Hess; Donnalee Lozeau; James Putnam; Todd I. Selig; anddirectors emeritus William H. Dunlap; Sheila T. Francoeur; Donna Sytek and Brian F. Walsh.