NH Public Policy
New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies

Policy and Procedure in Election Season

Vigorously Non-Partisan. Ensuring Equal Access.

To be effective in carrying out its mission, the Center continually presents information and policy analysis to New Hampshire’s public policy makers, including those who may be running for elective office. In the past, candidates for office have contacted the Center seeking information or suggestions regarding policy issues. In responding to such requests, the Center avoids involvement in the election process itself. The Center is vigorously non-partisan and must ensure equal access to the information it produces.

Policy Guide for Candidates and campaigns

The Center's Board of Directors, therefore, has adopted a policy to guide the Center's relationship with all candidates for elective office and with their campaigns. The four points of that policy are:

  • The Center will not support or endorse any campaign or candidate or particular policy position of any campaign or candidate. All campaigns or candidates will be treated equally, without regard to party or policy position.
  • On request, the Center will share readily available data resources and existing analysis with any campaign or candidate. It will also identify other information sources on the subject that may be helpful to a campaign or candidate. The Center will not undertake special research for any campaign or candidate.
  • The fact that communications with a campaign or candidate have occurred will be public information. The specific content of such communications will remain confidential. Data and analysis provided to one campaign or candidate will be made available to any other campaign or candidate on request.
  • Campaigns or candidates seeking information will be asked to affirm that they will not use materials obtained from the Center in such a way as to imply the Center’s endorsement. The Center will publicly refute any assertion, whether implicit or explicit, that it has endorsed a policy proposal of any campaign. Where a campaign or candidate accurately cites the Center’s published data, analysis or policy recommendations and attributes the materials to the Center, the Center will publicly confirm accuracy of the citation.