NH Public Policy
New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies


Bringing Balanced, Non-Partisan Analysis to Public Policy Debates in New Hampshire

An Independent, Nonpartisan, Organization

The New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies was an independent, nonpartisan organization that pursued data-based research on public policy matters, developed options, informed policy makers and advised them about choices for action.

The Center’s mission was to raise new ideas and improve policy debates through quality information and analysis on issues shaping New Hampshire’s future. As a private sector "think tank," the Center was committed to quality research and thorough communication.

Governance and Funding

By design, at least half of the Center's funding historically came from unrestricted donations, ensuring its independence and its ability to respond quickly to changing policy needs in the state.

In February, 2018, the Center's Board of Directors announced that after more than 20 years, the Center would cease operation. The decision was made by the board after several months spent weighing options for the Center’s continued viability. Though the need for its objective perspective was as evident as ever, the board found it increasingly difficult to attract the financial resources necessary to continue its mission.

Our work

All of the Center's reports, presentations and other work are available, free of charge, to anyone with an interest in good information.